Do It Yourself: How to Put Tile on Almost Anything

do-it-yourselfThere are some simple do it yourself tricks that are easy to learn, and the skills you gain through simple projects will give you the ability to create beautiful transformations of any size. Once some education is gained on the materials and some steps are executed, it won’t take long for you to transform anything you choose into a beautiful piece of tiled art.

The first thing you need to do is choose a flat surface. It doesn’t really matter what type of surface that you choose, but if it is not flat or level, you’ll need to pour some concrete or thin set over the surface to build it up and make it level before you get started. If it is your first time, the best option is to try something like a coffee table.

Local hardware stores will guide you through the process of gathering your materials. Thin set is an adhesive that you will mix with water and layer over the surface before placing the tiles on top. You’ll also need the tiles that you’d like to use and little plastic spacers that fit between the tiles as you lay them down on the surface. Make sure you grab the spacers associated with the width of the tile you’ve decided to use.

Grab some grout because after the thin set, tiles dry in place, you’ll remove the spacers, mix the grout with water and cover the entire surface making sure to push it deep into the cracks. Wipe off any excess grout ensuring that the surface is level and the cracks are filled to the top of the surface. Watch out for nips and fill any holes that you find with any excess grout. Wipe the surface off lightly with a wet sponge and let the surface dry. Tiling is one of the simplest do it yourself projects and once it has been executed, it is one of the most drastic design updates possible.