Boost the Market Value of Your Home

House XXLSome of the most important work you’ll ever do around your house is the regular, basic maintenance. Making your home look the best and brightest isn’t hard if you stick to a routine schedule of keeping the outside and the inside of your home in tip top shape at all times. Use simple and routine checks and different styles or techniques to keep your home looking brand new.

The best way to time your cleaning should be through the seasons, especially for outdoor landscaping and lawn care. Cleaning out the eaves troughs should be done every spring as well as every fall to avoid any build up. Build up in eaves troughs can result in thousands of dollars in water damage to your home, so don’t put it off until it’s too late and keep their cleaning integrated into a routine schedule.

Lawn care and landscaping can be seasonal depending on your geographic location. Areas with snowfall should be more aware that walking on the glass should be avoided until the weather is dry and the lawn is no longer damp. People residing in warm areas have to regularly water their lawns and will require more fertilizers to maintain a beautiful, bright green surrounding to their home.

Shutters, decks and decorative items can spruce up the curb appeal of your home making your neighbors jealous. Keeping a home clean and updated regularly can contribute to a significant increase in its market value. These ratings are valuable to the homeowner even if they are choosing to remain inside their home. Increasing the market value allows owners to borrow more against their mortgage making it all the more important to protect their investment when purchasing a home.

Take inventory of all the work that would need to be done every year and set up a regular schedule the minute you buy a home. This will ensure that the home depreciates slowly.